Gourmet Travels Cookbook: International Culinary Recipes, Global Cuisine

Gourmet Travels Cookbook: International Culinary Recipes, Global Cuisine cook book
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A Culinary Tour of International Specialties

This unique gourmet cookbook spans the globe! Aside from providing over four hundred recipes from six continents, this book also includes anecdotes from personal experiences, as well as places of interest and restaurant recommendations. A great gift for cooks, Gourmet Travels transports you to faraway destinations!
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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the land of the colorful ribbon dance, where tai chi is seen in empty lots or just a few steps outside your door in the early morning hours, and where feng shui, the art of keeping everything in harmony with its surroundings is prominent in homes and offices. It is the land of the dragons and let us not forget the Chinese New Year that rotates every twelve years. The harbor can be seen from the island and the Kowloon side with its hustle and bustle of the constant movement of ferryboats, barges, Chinese sandpans and junk boats.
International Culinary Recipes, Global Cuisine: Gourmet Travels Cookbook
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